I’ve listened to this song 20 times today…..

I’ve listened to “I Found You” by Alabama Shakes at least 15 times today. And add that to the times I listened to it yesterday and we’re pretty close to 30 times over the past 24 hours. Is that excessive….probably. Is it okay… absolutely. The lyrics of this song are literally lifting my Spirit each and every time I play it. I had  never heard of the song until yesterday afternoon- but when I heard what was being said… I couldn’t stop.

And this evening- it struck me for how grateful I am that the lead singer and her band mates are here – expressing what is in their hearts. They are expressing a calling to share their words and those words are getting me through today. Do you know how amazing that is? What if they had held back? What if they hadn’t written the lyrics that are speaking to me? What if they had left the message locked away because they weren’t sure how it would be received? I can’t imagine that- but I am beyond grateful that the courage was there to share what they needed to express.

Whatever your heart’s desire is…. I ask that you find a way to share it…. You don’t know who you’ll be helping get through this Life.

SPirit Message April 5 2016

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Oh Instagram…Why you gotta be like that….

So if you’re on Instagram… they have decided to switch up how your picture feed comes through. I’m not exactly sure of the specifics…but the images are no longer presented in chronological order. From what I’ve read- Instagram will now “choose” what pictures you see based on how many likes a page or a picture has. That’s awesome for Kim K but for the little IGer’s out there… it probably means you won’t see our posts.


There is a solution.

You can follow the easy steps outlined in the picture below:

Go to the 3 little dots on the @LookinGoodGirl44 page and click on them! Next, when the choices pop up at the bottom…. click on “Turn on Notifications!”

It’s as easy as that! And if anything… do it for Ryan! He wants you to be adding Beauty into your Everyday Life too.

Turn on Instagram Notifications - Lookin Good Girl @lookingoodgirl44


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The Magic of Makeup……

I just got off the phone with one of the makeup artists at my local Bobbi Brown makeup counter. I go to see these Ladies pretty regularly I guess… enough so that after we finished talking about the upcoming makeup event… Brandy (the makeup artist) asked me how I had been and how I was liking my new apartment! It made me laugh because I seriously only know this sweet, sweet girl from getting my makeup done! And I guess they do always wave to me when I walk by the counter or they’ll ask how my mother is doing when I stop to look at new products. Whether or not it’s because I go see these Ladies on the regular or because they’re just genuinely nice people- her phone call got me thinking about last year when I went to get my make up done after a particularly bad day.

This picture was taken after Brandy did my makeup.


It was also after Brandy had listened to my story about how I had stayed up until around 2 am, had then woke up around 8 am and proceeded to cry for a solid 2 hours because I was heartbroken over a guy. (Ugh!.. glad that passed!). Anyway, Brandy did my makeup…. which you know, is a technical skill that she has learned, but what I don’t think she realized was that she helped me feel beautiful. I mean… I had been crying for hours, feeling 1000% defeated with my eyes puffy as all get out- but that all dissipated when I saw what she had done! It’s something I’ll never forget…. how could feeling beautiful instantly change my mood!?! I mean- that’s what it did. Brandy made me feel pretty – or I guess helped me feel pretty and there was this magic that came with it. When I looked at what she had done and then at this picture… I knew, without question or doubt, I was going to be okay.

For some people makeup is a nonfactor and that’s alright. I can get down with that philosophy- no problem!

But for me it can be magical. And I love it for that. I love makeup as simple as eyeliner and mascara to the kind of makeup that takes me 30 minutes to do. I see it as an outlet for creativity and artistry and way to create beauty in this world. And my favorite part about makeup is that when a woman is feeling beautiful (with however much makeup she has or does not have on)… she is a force to be reckoned with. That’s right, I personally think that when a woman feels beautiful she can draw upon confidence and strength that will help her do anything that she sets out to do for herself.

Do you need to have on makeup to draw upon this strength? No. Of course not. But for me…. makeup is magical. And I will be forever grateful to Brandy, at the Bobbi Brown counter, for helping me feel pretty powerful with some eyeliner, mascara and blush!


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Where can you find Lookin’ Good Girl??

Are you on Facebook or Instagram?? If so.. come follow Lookin’ Good Girl! There’s a Facebook page: Lookin’ Good Girl FB (make sure to “Like” the page and few of the posts so you’ll see it in your newsfeed) and an Instagram Account: @LookinGoodGirl44.

You can get daily doses of all things related to Beauty, Skincare, Makeup and updates on all special sales events with Apriori Beauty.


Lookin' Good Girl Love

Lookin’ Good Girl on the World Wide Web

@lookingoodgirl44 on the Instagram

One of my daily makeup and skincare routines #lookingoodgirl

Lookin' Girl on Facebook Oh heyyyyyyy! It's me!! Daily and monthly specials from Apriori Beauty... posted via Social Media

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Happy Valentine’s Day…… XOXOXOX Lookin’ Good Girl

I want to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day…..! I hope it’s filled with lots of love for yourself (first and foremost), love for your family and friends and an appreciation for all the ways Love shows up in your life today. XOXOXO, Beth

happy valentine's from Lookin' Good Girl

Image via Google Images

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Pucker Up…. It’s Winter Time Lip Care…..

Winter has finally arrived here in New England and we have been having some frigid temperatures the past week or so. I went to my weekly 5:30 AM workout class a few days ago and it was 15 degrees when I started my car. *Ick*  (I actually  thought about how many extra calories I burned by shivering for 10 minutes as the car warmed up!). Fast forward a few more cold days with some wind added into the mix and my lips are suffering!

What prompted this post was that my lips actually started to hurt when I ate my dinner tonight and I realized it was time to do some research!

After looking at a couple of different sources…I realized:  I hadn’t put moisturizer on my lips in almost 4 days because I lost my favorite lip balm in my bathroom. My water consumption has been noticeably reduced since last week (no good for several reasons!)  and while at the same time I’ve been upping my game when it comes to salty and spicy foods.

So here are 4 quick tips for protecting your lovely lips during the colder weather months.

1) Go out and get yourself some lip balms and stick them in every jacket pocket, your purse and the car. Make it a priority to be using them multiple times a day. I have one from Kiss My Face that has SPF 15 (winning!) and has ingredients I know are safe! Do not go days without using your lip balm. #DoAsISay #NotAsIveDone

2) Get your water bottle(s) out and drink up! It’s good for your lips AND good for your skin because you’re much better hydrated. I have an app on my phone where I can track how much water I drink in a day and it can be very helpful to see how much I’ve consumed (or have not consumed).

3) I use my Apriori Eye + Lip Eraser every day and night but after having freezing temperatures and super windy days… I’ll be bringing out the coconut oil as a nightly treatment. I keep a jar in my bathroom ( I use it to remove excess eye makeup) and at the end of my face washing and teeth brushing… I’ll apply some of the oil all over my lips! *MUAH*

4) Spicy foods, salty foods and caffeine can all dry your lips out!  I drink coffee and I douse a lot of my food with hot sauce. Am I going to stop doing this entirely. Nope- not a chance! However, knowing that my Starbucks and Crystal’s Louisiana Hot Sauce can be contributing factors to my lips screeching with pain when I eat…. I’ll be at least reducing my intake for a while.

And there you have it! 4 quick and easy tips to take care of your beautiful lips while Old Man Winter has in sight for a few more months!

Lookin Good Girl Winter Lip care

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Upgrading your dreams… Beautiful and Bright Women

This week I’m part of an Instagram Challenge with Kelsey Abbott from  Find Your Awesome.

Kelsey is challenging her followers to do one thing a day that scares them… in order to step WAY outside of their comfort zone. Why? Because that’s where the good stuff happens… the really good stuff.

As part of this challenge Kelsey is giving away some awesome prizes…including a distance Reiki session with me! I am part of a women’s Facebook group that Kelsey leads and each week I offer two distance sessions that members can scoop up. It’s been a really fun ride to offer these sessions and be able to add in Kelsey’s life coaching.

Now what does this have to do with Beauty??? Well….what’s more Beautiful and Bright than a confident woman who’s making her dreams come true?!?! Know what I mean!?

You can follow Kelsey on Instagram to join the challenge (be sure to ask her how to sign up for it!) : Kelsey Abbott and of course you can come follow me as well: BethanyLeigh44

If you’ve been feeling the call to make some moves…. come join us on IG!

A goal sometimes seems so far off, and


 A lifetime is comprised of days strung

Now think of a single day as a building (1)




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Lookin Good Girl Summer Playlist…..

You know we LOVE music over here at Lookin Good Girl so I thought it would be fun to put a Summer Playlist together! There’s a mix of new stuff and some old school stuff and each week a new song will be added! If you’re out at the beach or by the pool or standing at your lemonade stand… there will be a song to add to your iPod shuffle.

Check back to this post or come like Lookin Good Girl on our Facebook Page for the new additions throughout the summer.

Let's just Dance

Let’s just Dance






Bobby Brown


the smiths

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June 11…. Join Apriori Beauty for Free…….

If you’ve been considering joining Apriori Beauty as a new consultant… today would definitely be the day!

All day June 11th….. Apriori is offering free registration for all new consultants.

As an Apriori Beauty consultant you can build your own business to create extra or part time income sharing products you already love.

To learn more check out: Apriori Beauty Business


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3 Quick Skincare Tips for those Swimmers…..

Most Sunday evenings during the Fall and Winter…I’m at the pool on Sunday nights. Its one of my favorite places to be!

However, often times after the swim session my skin can feel pretty dry.  This is not uncommon because the Chlorine in the water can strip away important oils and messes with a layer of our skin called the Acid Mantle . (Check out that quick read on why the Acid Mantle is so important)

I thought I would share 3 quick skincare tips for all those swimmers out there!

1) Don’t skip that pre-swim rinse!

By taking that quick shower before you jump in the pool…you are helping to re-hydrate the top layer of your skin. Which means it’s less likely to drink up that chlorinated water.

2) Wash your pretty Face with lukewarm water right after you get out! 

This is super importante! Why? Because if you jump right into a HOT shower…. you are opening up your pores and any chlorine left on your face… gets to seep right in!! Which is Not where we want it to go. If you can’t stand a cool or lukewarm shower; wash your face before you get in and wash up. And make sure you use a gentle cleanser. I recommend Apriori’s Creme Cleanse because it actually protects the Acid Mantle portion of your skin. Save your exfoliating face washes for another time.

3) Apply that moisturizer real quick.

Once you’ve washed your face in lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser, make sure you put your moisturizer on. You might need an extra amount or may have to reapply later on as your skin soaks it up. If you skin tolerates it… coconut oil is another great option to use as well!


Chlorine can do quite the number on your skin but by consistently using these quick tips… you can do your skin a huge favor in taking good care of it.





Image from the Google


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