Adding Beauty….. Ms. Tina Turner

This week’s Adding Beauty post is alllll about Ms. Tina Turner! I love her! And I have loved her since I was a child.. I mean like 4 and 5. When you’re that young – you don’t even know what a person is singing about… you just can tap into the sound and energy…and even at that age I was picking it up what Ms. Turner was putting down!

So this week’s post is dedicated to Tina Turner… cause she is one beautiful woman. Enjoy.

Classic song. Classic woman. Classic sweet crazy hair! 



This is one badass photo!

Did you know she rocked like this?


(Music Trivia fact: Brian Johnson of AC/DC sang this song, Ms.Turner’s song, when he first auditioned for the band)


Listen to this voice… power and grace. And she can shake it!! 


(Lookin Good Girl Trivia fact: I use to watch Soul Train every Saturday morning after cartoons. True Story)

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