Adding Beauty

There is a woman named Mama Gena whose mission is to have women realize how important it is to add more pleasure to our lives. When I first came across her concept I interpreted it as  this fantastic idea that when we, as women, are happy and content and purposefully add wonderful things to our day- we become these radiant beings of light and love. So often we spend all of time giving and doing and caring for everyone else except ourselves. More often than not, it comes as second nature to take care of everyone else in sight except you. You take care of your partner,  your kids, your co-workers,  your friends… EVERYONE but yourself!

At some point… when we’ve spent up all of our reserves to care and love and smile and haven’t taken the time to make ourselves feel better… a loved one comes along  asking when dinner is and our heads turn 360 degrees. Then some demonic voice explodes from your mouth and says:”WHEN I SAY SO”. Or you’re on your 16th cup of coffee and you’ve drawn your lipstick on to look like you have a perma-smile and while walking along in the park you get the urge to kick any small woodland creature in sight. You of course don’t kick that squirrel but the thought crosses your mind because you have denied yourself any sort of fun, rest or time to relax and recharge yourself.


This page is intended to be a resource for things that can add beauty to your life and your every day! The concept might seem really foreign at first but I promise you that if you take the time to do something JUST for yourself on a regular basis… you’ll find you have so much more fun, feel more grounded and be able to give more to others. (And as an added bonus… no small, furry creatures will be harmed)

These are some of the things that I find add my beauty to my day….. please feel free to add your comments to the list!

Getting a pedicure. The first time I ever got a pedicure I couldn’t relax. It took me at least 4 more times before I was able to sit in the chair and enjoy the fact my toenails looked SO much better than when I attempted to do them.

Check out these two websites to get ideas for your next mani/pedi or

Working out. In my first attempt at a triathlon I completed an all ladies event that raised money for cancer research. I trained with these ladies  and had the BEST time every week running, biking and swimming my way towards that very first event. If you live near Portland, Maine and need a group of ladies to workout with… I highly recommend sheJAMs! And if you don’t live in Portland, Maine…. then find some awesome group of women who will be there to motivate you to whatever goal you want to reach. Be it a triathlon, a marathon or the number one booty shaker in Zumba class.

Inspirational Women. If you need some inspiration then sign up immediately for whatever blog, newsletter, vlog, email, smoke signal these ladies send out.

Marie Forleo She like to be rich, happy & hot. Point blank.

Mama Gena She’s the reason why I take dance breaks in the morning before work & don’t feel bad about getting pedicures.

Sharon Michaels  Sharon is one of the reasons why I am successfully working for myself. I “randomly” came across her site in a search for women in business and as fate would have it I ended up working with her for six months and then taking the leap into self-employment. Sharon is a master at what she does and if you have any inkling that you seriously want to work for yourself or have some business idea you want to get off the ground- Sharon would be someone you want in your corner.

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