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This week’s post has been graciously provided by Margot Legare, a New England native who has always had a flare for fashion. Given that it’s Money Cash Month at Lookin Good Girl… Margot has provided a Spring Fashion preview and has listed a number of items that can fit inside in Tax Season Budget! Spend or Splurge…. we’ve got you covered. Many thanks to Margot’s contribution! 


March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb and we often feel this way in terms of the way we dress. We’re all bundled up and at the first hint of warm weather; we’re ready to shed our coats and start anew. Spring constitutes innovative beginnings and this season it’s all about color so why not identify what you’d like to have in your closet now come April without breaking the bank?

Often times we’re inundated with trends for each season and forced to assess which trends have that true staying power. So what should adorn your closet come le printemps?

This season focuses on color and graphic prints in terms of all the essentials: jeans, blouses, jewelry and shoes. The best thing about fashion right now is that people are pushing color and texture barriers. If you like it in pink or red, buy it in pink or red. One can’t go wrong incorporating a pop of color into a muted or all black ensemble, and for most of us that includes looking no further because the pieces are already in our closet.

Par example, you’re wearing black tailored pants and a sheer, romantic, black blouse; incorporate some chunky emerald earrings and a textured wrap watch, some emerald bangles and you’re set to step out on trend and in style for spring.

Some other must-haves for spring can be purchased on any budget. The best thing about finding these essentials is you may be able to shop in your own closet or find a steal online. Spring fundamentals include:



Check out the latest and greatest style inspirations in Harper’s Bazaare: Street Style for real people rocking real trends right now:


And preview fall:


So keep bundled for now, but be bold and shed those layers by incorporating some inexpensive pieces (or splurge) for spring 2013. Think creatively as an inroad to chic this season.



Margot Legare- Guest Blogger

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–          Margot A. Legare



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