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The last post in the Balanced Beauty series is about  the importance of having Beauty in your surroundings and current environment.

Why would it be important to focus on “Environmental Beauty”…. well, when we look at something that we perceive as Beautiful it creates all sorts of wonderful emotions and feelings; it can lighten your mood, make you feel happy, calm your nerves… all sorts of lovely responses take place.

Plus, your Environment can play a big role in how you engage with the rest of the World. This can be very subtle. But imagine these two different scenarios:

1) You walk into a room where there are white walls, a metal folding chair, a small plastic table and no windows.

2) You walk into the same room where there are still white walls, but with a few pretty vintage looking mirrors, a big comfy chair, beautiful flowers on that small plastic table and sunlight flooding through  several windows.

Which room would you rather walk into and hang out in? How do you think you would feel and or act in each room? What about your level of creativity? Or how would your  productivity be influenced in each room? Just a few things to think about.

Adding Beauty into various environments can be really easy and can be expressed in very simple ways. It just needs to be YOUR definition of Beauty and what speaks to you.

Homework Time

Think about 3 places you go on a regular basis everyday of your Life… it could be your office, it could be in your car, it could be in the kitchen, even in the bathroom.

Think of 1 simple way you can make each place more Beautiful. Can you add a vase of flowers or some pretty candles? Can you get figure out a way to add essential oils into the room with a diffuser?

Notice how you feel when you look at this spot with an emphasis on Beauty. You might be pleasantly surprised to see how something so simple can have a wonderful impact on your day.

Want some inspiration for ways to create your Beautiful Space… come follow Lookin Good Girl’s Pinterest page For The Home. Get inspired, put your own spin on what you see and take it out into those places you go everyday.

I created this in my kitchen a while back and every time I looked at it ... I felt better! No Joke.

Golden Angel and Red Candle holders lit up Christmas for me Last year



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