I’ve listened to this song 20 times today…..

I’ve listened to “I Found You” by Alabama Shakes at least 15 times today. And add that to the times I listened to it yesterday and we’re pretty close to 30 times over the past 24 hours. Is that excessive….probably. Is it okay… absolutely. The lyrics of this song are literally lifting my Spirit each and every time I play it. I had  never heard of the song until yesterday afternoon- but when I heard what was being said… I couldn’t stop.

And this evening- it struck me for how grateful I am that the lead singer and her band mates are here – expressing what is in their hearts. They are expressing a calling to share their words and those words are getting me through today. Do you know how amazing that is? What if they had held back? What if they hadn’t written the lyrics that are speaking to me? What if they had left the message locked away because they weren’t sure how it would be received? I can’t imagine that- but I am beyond grateful that the courage was there to share what they needed to express.

Whatever your heart’s desire is…. I ask that you find a way to share it…. You don’t know who you’ll be helping get through this Life.

SPirit Message April 5 2016

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