Adding Beauty…. with TriMarni Coaching…..

This week’s post includes an interview with Marni Sumbal of TriMarni Coaching and Nutrition, LLC. After following the TriMarni Facebook page, I reached out to Marni because I have really enjoyed reading about her tips and her overall take on nutrition. What has impressed me is that Marni  emphasizes a “food as fuel” approach, yet she does it in a way that totally celebrates food and nutrition through a positive outlook. We’re often bombarded with “Don’t eat this”, “Never eat these foods…”, “Stay the hell away from XYZ”- but that is definitely not the case with Marni’s approach.

Given that food and eating are a big part of most people’s day I wanted to introduce the Lookin Good Girl readers to Marni and her encouraging, positive outlook on nutrition.

Marni speaking

So Marni, explain how you became interested in nutrition and food?

 Well, I can’t say that there was ever a time that food didn’t interest me because I have used food to fuel my active lifestyle ever since a young age and, food tastes good! But when I decided to give up eating meat/fish when I was 10 years old (21 years ago) because I didn’t want to kill animals, I had to educate myself over many years as to how to fuel my active lifestyle with a balanced plant strong diet and also keep my immune system strong. The more I learned about food for my own body, the more passionate I became in helping others understand how food can be used for fuel and for health.After graduating with my Master degree in Exercise Physiology and spending a little time working as the wellness coordinator of a YMCA, I desired a better understanding of nutrition from a different point of view (aside from sports) so I decided to go back to school in order to obtain my Registered Dietitian credential. I really enjoy the balance of working as an inpatient clinical RD in the hospital as well as helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts cross finishing lines all by understanding the power of food.
In an article you wrote for your Blog, you reference “intuitive eating”..can you explain to the readers what that is?
I learned a lot about mindful and intuitive eating during my dietetic internship when I was interning with a practice ( that specialized in eating disorders. The practice of mindful eating is very powerful and because I feel that much of our population has yet to master a healthy relationship with food and the body, I have really enjoyed helping others learn how to eat intuitively through my business Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition ( eating is being in an active state and releasing all fears, worries or concerns about food. It’s about making choices that will give you an enjoyable eating experience in the present moment. Mastering mindful eating is not easy, especially with our quick-fix, diet-fad, food-trendy society. But with many disordered eating habits and body image concerns, your hurried and stressful lifestyle may make eating time a difficult, uneasy and overwhelming experience.To bring some joy to eating, both inside and outside of the home, mindful eating should be practiced often. Instead of fearing certain foods, bring attention as to why you are eating to result in more control and enjoyment with what you are eating. Keep in mind that mindful eating will differ for everyone for eating is a very personal experience.
What are some simple steps for the readers to take if they want to try “intuitive eating” during the day?
Here’s a great exercise (perfect to practice around the holiday season). Take a Hershey kiss (or small chocolate) and place it in front of you on a desk. Observe it, your surroundings and how you feel. Now touch it. How does it feel in your hand? Unwrap the item and observe it again by touching it and then smell it. Now, take a small bite from the top. Place the other half of the inside of the wrapper and place it out of sight. Suck on the chocolate and close your eyes. Savor your treat, making it last as long as possible without chewing it. Are any special past memories coming to mind as the chocolate melts? Now open your eyes. Did you stay present and in the moment? How long did it take to fully appreciate a small bite of a piece of candy/chocolate? Did you enjoy it?
finishing line cheer
 One of the premises of Lookin Good Girl is to provide resources and education on how to “Add Beauty Into Your Everyday Life”. Some readers may not have thought about eating and cooking as opportunities to experience Beauty, especially on an everyday basis. But do you have any suggestions on how to create a more pleasurable experience with cooking, even if it’s making lunch to take to work?
I think there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who loves her body just as much as she loves taking care of others. Women often feel pressure to look or eat a certain way thanks to the media idolizing body image over health. This needs to stop. One of the greatest things a woman can do is to feel powerful and strong about her body and that starts with the daily diet.
One thing that I encourage people to do is to take pictures of their food. Even if it starts with a bowl of cereal or an apple, it is really neat to see whatever “Creation” you put together and to be proud of your masterpiece. You don’t have to share these creations with others but I feel that rather than lecturing others about food, we should feel inspired by food in a happy and healthy way
With the Holidays coming up and keeping in mind the idea of intuitive eating; what are some tips you would share with your clients as to how to approach the abundance of foods that come with the Holiday season. 

I want my athletes and fitness enthusiasts to use the habits they have developed throughout the year during the holiday season and to remember that with 365 days in a year, all is not ruined or lost in one day. I do not promote radical or extreme eating so I would never encourage anyone to detox, fast, cleanse or diet around the holidays, January 1st or any day in between. Instead, I want people to learn how to have a healthy relationship with food and the body so that when it comes to the holidays, people are not stressed or worried about the overabundance of food and occasional treats but instead, know how to eat in a way that they can jump right back to “normal” eating to support individual needs but to also indulge in a way that still leaves them feeling great after the meal. It’s not something that is learned overnight but the ultimate goal for any individual is to be able to maintain a balanced life and to let food enhance your life, not control your life.
The holidays are actually a great time to be inspired with all the real food options and desire for cooking in a kitchen (two things that people often lack in their lifestyle when it comes to “healthy” eating). Here’s a blog I did on stopping the off-limit food lists:
For me, I’d rather people start with their relationship with food around the holidays as oppose to trying to be extreme with eating or stressing about the holiday eats. The same tips that apply to balanced eating for fuel and for health on a daily basis should also apply toward holiday eating: do not save calories or go into a meal starving, monitor your portions by focusing on a plant strong meal, feel better after you eat than before, be accountable for what you put into your body – invest your food choices wisely so that you feel great about your choices, don’t eat with guilt, thank your body, exercise consistently (walking is great!) and eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed (scope out the scene before eating and ask yourself what are the best options that will be enjoyed the most).

Marni and her boys.
With the Holidays approaching what are your 3 favorite foods you look forward to? 

I have a saying that “if you eat well most of the time you don’t have to worry about the rest of the time”. So when it comes to the holiday’s I love creating my own creations but I also love traditional family recipes.

A few of my favorites include:
-The Czech Xmas cookies that are homemade and delivered to us from Karel’s (Marni’s husband) mom in Znjomo Czech Republic, where is where Karel was born and lived until he came to the US in 2000.
-Mashed sweet potatoes – although a sweet potato is included in my staple pre-race meal, I love my mom’s mashed sweet potatoes. She doesn’t load them with butter or sugar but somehow she makes them so smooth and delicious and I love the added touch of roasted marshmallows on top.

-Czech potato salad – Because Karel can not celebrate the holidays with his family in Czech, we enjoy bringing some of his traditional holiday recipes to our home and we can share them together. This is one of my favorites!

If a reader is hosting a party could you offer some simple tips for a way to integrate some whole food dishes in with the “traditional fare? You know, like how to sneak some veggies next to the giant bowl of Chex-Mix?
This is a great idea! Now a day, it seems like more and more people understand what foods feel the best in their body and as a host, it’s nice to be able to cater to different dietary preferences. For people with allergies/intolerances or medical issues, it is good to label food as to what is in it as that will make the guest feel more comfortable knowing what she/he is eating. Also, I always encourage  people who go to a party to bring a go-to meal (if they need to bring a dish). You want to bring something that you know you will enjoy just in case there are no other options that appeal to you and your tummy. Most of the time, there will be at least a veggie/fruit/cheese tray but for anyone with special dietary needs, it’s nice to know that you will have something to enjoy around others.
But in terms of whole dishes, think about different types of dips (ex. make your own hummus), colorful veggies and fruits and a whole grain salad (ex. quinoa, almonds and figs with goat cheese). Also, put larger plates next to the salads so that it is easy to make a plant strong meal (the dessert plates don’t work so well for holding more than a few lettuce leaves J ) One of the best ways to enjoy whole foods is to encourage others to bring a dish and to be inspired by what other people bring to your party. Not every party needs to include pretzels, chex-mix and store-bought cookies. I think for most people, homemade food is really enjoyed because there was some time, love and thought put into the prep
Looking ahead to the New Year….What are some of your 2014 Goals?

I’m really looking forward to growing my business with the help of my husband. I absolutely love helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts learn how to eat for fuel and for health and to discover a healthy relationship with food and the body.
We are very excited about our athletes reaching their athletic/fitness goals and sharing the journey with them.
I love public speaking and writing so I look forward to seeing where I can take my skills in the next year for there is a lot of research out there and I enjoy learning new things and helping others through my words.
My husband and I love to travel so we decided on 3 destination races so that we could race to travel (or travel to race) – St Croix 70.3, IM Austria and IMWI. My husband will be racing Raleigh 70.3 but I will be cheering him on, along with my other athletes.
For anyone who is considering racing for a finish line, here is a blog I did on picking the perfect race:

If a reader was interested in learning more about your approach to food and nutrition what services do you offer in food counseling? 

All of my services are on my website, but my main services involve lifestyle log reviews, sport nutrition log reviews as well as my 2-month lifestyle program. My focus is not on telling people what to do but instead treating everyone like an individual with specific goals and needs.
I do not give meal plans or believe in off limit food lists so I enjoy addressing the diet as part of a lifestyle in order to eat for fuel and for health and to improve quality of life. For anyone who is local in our area, I provide one-on-one consulting and I also speak at universities, corporations and tri/run groups on various topics. All of my speaking events are listed on my website as well as a few local TV segments. I welcome all emails so feel free to email Trimarnicoaching and to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for education, inspiration and motivation in the areas of health, fitness, nutrition and life.

Thank you for this interview! These were great questions. The last thing I’d like to say is , don’t forget to thank your body every day!

Marni Sumbal

In case you would like a little extra info on who Marni is….. Marni is the owner of Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition, LLC and provides consulting and coaching services in the areas of sport nutrition, body composition, triathlons/running, health and fitness. Marni is a Registered Dietitian and works as a Clinical Dietitian at Baptist Medical Center Beaches. She holds a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology, is an endurance triathlete, she is also a Level-1 USAT Coach. Marni is a 7x Ironman finisher and recently completed her third Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii with a PR of 10:37.Marni is a 110% play harder, Hammer Nutrition, Brooks Running ID and Oakley Women brand ambassador. Marni enjoys public speaking and writing, and she has several published articles in Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Health Magazine, Men’s Journal Magazine, Runners World Magazine, Women’s Running Magazine, Bicycling Magazine, The Florida Times-Union Shorelines, Lava Magazine, Hammer Endurance News, CosmoGirl magazine and Triathlete Magazine, and contributes monthly to, USAT multisport zone and

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Cleaning Your Make-up Brushes….

Although at first glance you might wonder what Make-Up Brushes have to do with Skincare….. let me explain.

What happens if you never (ever) wash your make-up brushes??

Tiny bits of dirt, oil, make-up, dead skin cells and sometimes bacteria can get trapped in the bristles. Which means as your applying your favorite NARS blush, you’re sweeping a lovely combination of all these things across your skin. If it’s been six months since you washed your brushes (or NEVER), you’re sweeping six months worth of old junky, yucky particles across your beautiful face. Which is a great way to promote breakouts and clogged pores! (That’s where the skincare piece comes in…..)

Hey, Beth… I love that blush you have on! What is it?”

Oh, thanks!!….it’s called “Breakout City” a unique blend of oil, bacteria and 12 months worth of make-up pigment from my other blushes“.

I’ve seen recommendations to clean your brushes every two weeks up to once a month. I go with at least once a month because every two weeks seems like an overwhelming commitment I’m not ready for. I mean I’ve talked about this with a professional and I decided that I’m just not ready for that level of commitment..and that’s where I am today in my Life. I’m okay with washing my brushes once a month and my the brushes will be okay. I’m okay, they’re okay….. everything will be okay with a little make-up brush tubby once every 30 days.

You do what’s right for you…. but just make sure you do it! Set a reminder on your phone, write it on the calendar, put a note in your make-up bag….. It’s just important to actually be doing it on a regular basis.

So….. the next question might be… “How do I clean the brushes?”.

Here are 5 easy steps to taking caring for your brushes. 

You can buy make-up brush cleaner or you can take baby shampoo or a very gentle regular shampoo and get the job done.

Step 1: Take a very small amount of the shampoo and mix it in with warm water

Step 2: Pointing the brushes down dip the bristles into the soapy water. It’s important to keep the bristles pointed down so that water doesn’t get into the part where they connect with the handle (this can loosen the glue that holds the pieces together orrrrr create a place for bacteria to grow).

Step 3: Gently (GENTLY) rub the bristles in the soapy water … you’ll see the old make-up coming out and will change the color of the water.

Step 4: Pointing the brush down… let water run over the brushes until the water becomes clear. You may need to repeat step 3 but just do so until the water runs clear after it has gone through the bristles.

Step 5: Lightly pat down the brush with a paper towel or cloth and lay flat to dry.


I prefer doing this at night so they brushes have a longer time to dry but that’s just me. **Side note**… They don’t have to be completely dry to use them again.

As you see below, these are my actual brushes and I use them on an everyday basis… I personally love my Aveda brushes (from when I went to Beauty School!!!) and my Bobbi Brown ones.

Make Up Brushes


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And on the 4th of November, Ye shall shake your tail feathers and enjoy the Day…..

Birthday Jump


Go Shorty… It’s Your Birthday….. We’re gonna dance around like it’s ya birthday.

Today is my Birthday and I’ve created a little Lookin Good Girl Birthday Playlist! Here are 10 jams you can shake Birthday Buns too!

1. Montell Jordan– This is How We Do It

2. Peaches and Herb– Shake Your Groove Thing


3. Salt N’ Peppa – Push It

4. Janet Jackson– Miss You Much


5. Gwen Stefani– Rich Girl ft. Eve


6. KC & The Sunshine Band– Boogie Shoes


I'm telling ya right now people... it's my birthday and we're gonna Dance!

7. Bobby Brown– Every Little Step

8. Madonna– Borderline


9. Fergie– Fergalicious

10.  Eddie Murphy– Party All The Time


The Crew at my 5th Birthday.

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Balanced Beauty…. Looking Around

The last post in the Balanced Beauty series is about  the importance of having Beauty in your surroundings and current environment.

Why would it be important to focus on “Environmental Beauty”…. well, when we look at something that we perceive as Beautiful it creates all sorts of wonderful emotions and feelings; it can lighten your mood, make you feel happy, calm your nerves… all sorts of lovely responses take place.

Plus, your Environment can play a big role in how you engage with the rest of the World. This can be very subtle. But imagine these two different scenarios:

1) You walk into a room where there are white walls, a metal folding chair, a small plastic table and no windows.

2) You walk into the same room where there are still white walls, but with a few pretty vintage looking mirrors, a big comfy chair, beautiful flowers on that small plastic table and sunlight flooding through  several windows.

Which room would you rather walk into and hang out in? How do you think you would feel and or act in each room? What about your level of creativity? Or how would your  productivity be influenced in each room? Just a few things to think about.

Adding Beauty into various environments can be really easy and can be expressed in very simple ways. It just needs to be YOUR definition of Beauty and what speaks to you.

Homework Time

Think about 3 places you go on a regular basis everyday of your Life… it could be your office, it could be in your car, it could be in the kitchen, even in the bathroom.

Think of 1 simple way you can make each place more Beautiful. Can you add a vase of flowers or some pretty candles? Can you get figure out a way to add essential oils into the room with a diffuser?

Notice how you feel when you look at this spot with an emphasis on Beauty. You might be pleasantly surprised to see how something so simple can have a wonderful impact on your day.

Want some inspiration for ways to create your Beautiful Space… come follow Lookin Good Girl’s Pinterest page For The Home. Get inspired, put your own spin on what you see and take it out into those places you go everyday.

I created this in my kitchen a while back and every time I looked at it ... I felt better! No Joke.

Golden Angel and Red Candle holders lit up Christmas for me Last year



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Balanced Beauty…….I Gotta Feeling….

The focus of this week’s post is all about Balanced Beauty in the Emotional Realm.

Specifically, how you feel about Beauty and what the little voice in your head says most of the time. In last week’s post I challenged readers to start paying attention to the physical aspects of Beauty; both for themselves and others. And I’m wondering what the results were. What surfaced when you were presented with the challenge to look at the part of yourself that you really Love? Did you find a part of your physical Beauty that you really Love?????  There could be a wide spectrum of responses and feelings and this week I want to draw your attention to how you feel about your Beauty.

If you could take 2 minutes and inventory your self talk around how you look- what would the results be?

Is 95% of what you say to yourself Positive, semi-positive or down right Negative? When you look in the mirror what is your initial reaction? Do you start in on how your nose is to0 big, your pores are too big, your forehead is too big?? What is your first response when you see yourself?

I would love for this post to be kind of like a wake-up call or at least a mini-reminder to check your self talk around Beauty.

How much energy are you spending every day focusing on a perceived negative aspect of your self? Think about it… if you look in the mirror 10 times today and every single time your mind goes into some variation of “I’m ugly”.. that’s A LOT of TIME and ENERGY that’s gonna create crappy feelings. And pardon the boldness of the next message, but; that’s A LOT of WASTED TIME & ENERGY that’s going into creating crappy feelings. You could be using your time and energy in a much better way.

This week’s challenges:

1) Tune in to your initial response to looking in the mirror. What comes up for you in the way of emotions and feelings? Is it something positive?? Awesome, you get a gold star.  Take some of that positive Mojo into the world and pass it around.  Is your self talk negative? That’s alright… move on to part 2

2) Ask yourself; “Is it beneficial for my self-esteem and confidence to continue this negative self-talk? “Are these mean things I say to myself actual even true? Hone in on one area that you find you keep harping on in regards to your Beauty and make a choice to stop the insanity of being a meany to yourself.

Your Emotional Balanced Beauty is totally up to you! It’s called Free-Will and you get to decide how you wanna feel about your self! True story.

I’m going to leave you with a song by this guy named Bruno Mars… maybe you’ve heard of him? Anyway, I LOVE (love, love, love) this song!!!! So….I want you to imagine how your day would be if you looked into the mirror and felt this way about yourself. Heck, go ahead and sing it to yourself!

Last week Francois Nars reminded us that; “Every woman has something beautiful about her”.

This week Mr. Mars reminds us that; “Pretty girl, pretty girl, pretty girl, you should be smiling….A girl like you should never look so blue”

And it’s true.. but it’s up to you to make the choice to see yourself as Beautiful AND feel that way!



Not feeling Beautiful... Girl, ain't nobody got time for that!

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Balanced Beauty…….. Let’s Get Physical…..

This week’s post is the first part of a 3 week series on Balanced Beauty…..

You may not have ever thought about how “Beauty” effects your everyday Life so this series will be kind of like an introduction to the concept. There are areas in our Life where we, as women, need Balanced Beauty.

In talking about the physical realm of Beauty, we’re going to focus on you as a physical being. There are lots of ways we could discuss physical beauty in landscaping, architecture, music – but for the sake of this post we’re going to be focusing on you- with your physical body.

There’s a quote that I absolutely love…..


This is SOOOO true! And something that should really be focused on more – but come from an empowering place for each individual woman. When I read this quote- it really struck me at a deep level- like, every single woman has something beautiful about her. Maybe it’s her eyes or her hair or her amazing, glowing skin. Or maybe it’s the way she can pull off glasses that make her look ultra smart and ultra sophisticated. Maybe the lady in front of you in Starbucks is pulling off a color that you never even dare to try on-but she is rocking that Taupe like nobody’s business… that’s still an element of Beauty.

I often people watch when I’m in public places and I’ve found myself thinking of this quote more and more and challenging myself to find the physical quality that each woman radiates and makes her unique.

“That lady with the scowl on her face… Man, she has really pretty eyes.”

“That girl who just cut me off in the parking lot…. she has such pretty hair and I love her sideways braid! ”

“The woman (who just caught me staring at her) she has like the perfect cupid’s bow on her upper lip”

These are just thoughts that have run through my mind since first coming across the quote above.

A Lookin Good Girl Challenge:

1)Think about your own physical feature that makes you the stunning woman that you are. When you look in the mirror what do you see that makes you proud? That physical aspect of you that  makes you go “DaaDamn- yea Francois I got it going on”.

2)While in a public place look around at the women you see and find their physical feature that stands out as beautiful.

Everyone woman has something beautiful about her … so find it! If you can, give the Lady a compliment on it , if you can’t, to yourself…silently Bless her Beauty.


How would it change your perspective of yourself and other woman, if you showed up everyday completely tapped into the fact your a Beautiful Woman?

What do you think would happen if women went around silently blessing each other’s Beauty. Hmmmmm?

Those are some questions to think about.

And make sure to check back in the next coming weeks for the other two areas you could benefit from Balanced Beauty in your every day life.



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Adding Beauty….. The Benefits of Being an Apriori Consultant

This week’s post is about a topic I haven’t focused on much in this blog. But I realized that the benefits of being an Apriori Consultant are pretty fantastic and I want to make sure you know that there are available to you at anytime.

Before we go any farther… you might be saying “Oh, great she’s trying to make me become a consultant” … or “I hate sales- no way would I ever consider this!” and you know those are two totally legit ideas/thoughts/comments. But I want you to know that the whole purpose….1000% of the purpose of this post is to educate and inform.

Just like each week when you read about skincare tips and products… there’s an educational component.  This week’s post is just like that!….I feel like its part of my job (that I love!) to present the info on all the perks of being a consultant with Apriori Beauty. I wouldn’t be doing my part if I didn’t at least present the benefits of working with this company…..just like I believe in the products… I believe in Apriori as a business.

Keeping in style with my love of bullet points… I present the “Benefits of Being An Apriori Consultant” according to Beth Chernosky


  • The products are fantastic, safe to use and… they work!
  • As a consultant you get a weekly 30% commission on all orders that are placed the prior week (your order as a consultant and/or your client’s orders). So that means on the products you order to use on your beautiful face… you’ll receive a 30% commission on them the next Friday.
  • You get paid weekly. I just wanted to reiterate that because it’s particular rad.
  • There’s NO REQUIRED INVENTORY… meaning you only need to buy what you personally use or want to share with clients yourself.  So…you’re not going to have a bunch of products sitting in your backroom talking to the dustbunnies. You purchase the amount of products that are right for you.
  • This is not a get-rich-I’m all the sudden a baller- scheme.… this is an actual business, where actual business women build businesses. I’ve been building mine for 3 years. You can totally become an Apriori Baller… but you’re still building a business and it does take a commitment and an effort. But it’s super fun!
  • It only cost $79 for the Apriori starter kit. In the kit you get everything you need to start your biz and you get a free website to direct clients to.
  • New Friends. For reals… I’ve met women from all across the country that I wouldn’t have ever met and they have been a total added bonus I hadn’t really anticipated.
  • First Rate, Class-Act Owners: Susan Twellman & Elizabeth Vervynk. These Ladies are building this company with honesty and integrity. I’ve seen first hand their enthusiasm and dedication to Apriori Beauty as well as their commitment to helping Consultants succeed.
  • You don’t have to be a skincare expert to build this business…. just a love for the products. There is an enormous amount of training available to Consultants so you have plenty of support as you learn about the products you share.

If you are interested in finding out more about Apriori Beauty you can check out the company’s page or find Apriori Beauty on Facebook.

And of course!!!!! You can email me at eastcoast. beauty at and I can provide info on any questions you might have. We can set up a time to talk over the phone, in person, or via Skype. If you or a friend is interested in building a business with Apriori… I’d love to support you in your efforts.


Myself and Founding Consultant Candy Dye

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Skincare In A Flash….Sebum

A post to provide you information in a quickly absorbed manner. Kind of like flashcards for skincare.


What is it? In very (very) simple terms… it’s an oil produced by our sebaceous glands.

What does it do? In simple terms it helps protect our skin and hair from drying out. It also has a “waterproof” quality to it.

Under and Over…. 

If there is not enough sebum being produced in your body.. the skin will be dry.

If there is too much sebum production … this results in what we’d call “oily skin”.

Sebum is produced by the Sebaceous glands...


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Skincare….. Summer Skin Routine

So now that we’re officially into the heart of summer there’s a possibility that your skin is responding differently to the warmer weather.

Higher temperatures, higher humidity, increased time out in the lovely sunshine… your skin might be in need of a different routine from 3 or 4 months ago.

Quick Tips for summer skincare: 

  • Add some Rose Water into your daily routine and keep it in the fridge for a refreshing splash after you’ve been out in the sun! Rose water has anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties plus it smells amazing! (I spray it in my hair too!)
  • Turn down the heat in the shower! Just like during the cold winter months… hot water can continue to dry out your skin in the summertime.
  • Up your water intake to stay hydrated! Dehydration does contribute to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so keep on drinking that H2O.
  • If need be, reduce the amount of moisturizer you’re using. You may have to play around with this one to find the right amount… but if you’re skin is not as dry in the summer or your skin is appearing more oily…. try lightening up on how much product you’re using.
  • Keep up with Exfoliation…. if you’re out in the sun “glistening” more (ie. sweating) or slathering on sun screen… remember to exfoliate to keep your pores free of gunky build up.

Apriori's Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub is an awesome way to get a full body exfoliation.


While you’re laying out by the pool, or sitting by the surf or taking a cruise down Crocodile Mile… think about what your skin might be needing with the warmer weather. And as always if you’re in need of some personalized, individual insight… you can email me at at or message me on the Lookin Good Girl Facebook page…. just scroll down on the right hand side of our home page and click “Like” on the Facebook tab.





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Skincare…. Apriori’s Right Now Retailer for May

So is this is pretty fun and exciting…. I was chosen by Apriori to be featured as this month’s Right Now Retailer.

I really do love this company and to be recognized for my business building efforts is something I’m proud of.

A huge (HUGE) thank you to all of my clients because without you… I wouldn’t have been considered. I very much appreciate your business and wholeheartedly want to help you with all of your skincare needs! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

If you want to check out the article… click on the link below

May Right Now Retailer  – this link takes you to Apriori’s website where you can see the write up. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page once you land there.

Happy MAY!




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