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Continuing with Money Cash Month and keeping you, your skin and your wallet lookin’ good… this week’s post is on Apriori’s Best Buys for Treatment products….according to me.

I use both of these products on a weekly basis and they were chosen based on how many uses you get out of each container. As a treatment product in your skincare regiment you won’t be using these items every day but probably more like 1-2 times a week. (Or maybe 3-4 like I use my beloved Sugar Scrub).

First item up… The Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub.

Why it’s a Best Buy: 

  • It’s absolutely amazing and gives your skin a healthy glow!
  • It does a knock-out job of gently removing dead skin cells via Sugar Beet Crystals and Papaya derived Enzymes
  • It’s NURDLE FREE !!
  • It can last any where from 3-5 months! Divide $38 by 3 or divide $38 by 5 and you’ve got yourself a Best Buy, baby!!!!

A full scrub lasts me about 4 months but I use it frequently because I know my skin will be okay with that much use. 


Get your Glow On Girl.



Best Buy number #2… but not because it comes in second place… The 20Ex Acid Peel.

Yes, the name sounds a little intimidating. BUT the only thing that should be shaking in its boots is the dry, dull skincells that will be turbo blasted away by the Acid Peel! Or I guess more like turbo peeled away.. but you get the idea.

Why It’s a Best Buy:

  • Contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients that provide immediate and long term results.
  • When it comes to exfoliation… It’s kickin’ butt and taking names and making your skin look radiant in the process.
  • There are between 20-25 uses in each tube… so divide $55 by 25 and what do you get… A BEST BUY!! (whoop whoop)
There are some peeps who need to be mindful of the Acid Peel ….Pregnant Women and people using Retin-A or Retinol are advised to not use the Acid Peel and you need to use daily sun protection when using it.. but otherwise it’s an at home treatment product that will leave you wondering why you didn’t start using it sooner!

Oh.. Acid Peel.. where have you been all my Life????


In case you haven’t added a treatment product to your skincare routine or are in the market for new ones… these are two amazing products which will keep your beautiful face and your Beauty budget… Lookin’ Good!



Both products can be found by clicking here: 20EX Acid Peel  and Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub

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