Hey Lookin Good Girl Fans…. I  have a very special treat for you today!!!!

I decided to get off the keyboard and get in front of the camera for this week’s post!! And why would I go to all of the trouble of recording 10 videos and then spending 3 hours trying to figure out how to work YouTube… because I love you guys! And… Apriori is offering a really amazing deal on the DFI.  I wanted to personally introduce you to this amazing machine.. so you can see that I have one and know that I use mine every week!

So without any further wait I give you…. Lookin Good Girls FIRST Video post!


If you want to take a quick peak at the Lookin Good Girl post on the 2 different DFI Functions and what it does for your skin.. take a look here: DFI Functions

If would like to take advantage of Apriori’s special discounted rate make sure you’re registered with me so we both know you’ll receive the best customer service and I can contact your for that extra special 1 on 1 skincare consult! Make sure you take full advantage of having an Esthetician on call to answer all of your specific skincare questions. Access to your Client ID and Special Offer

Once you’re registered as a client- go to the Monthly Specials tab on the on the left hand side of the page under the giant word USE.



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5 Responses to Skincare…. SPECIAL EDITION

  1. BECCA

    congrats on your first video post! love it :)

    • Beth

      Thanks… I just went to “like” your comment… and realized it doesn’t work like that on the blog! Thanks for checking it out!

  2. Cindi

    What a great video! You look beautiful and you did a wonderful job. Looking forward to more!!

  3. Emma

    I lurved your video! Nice little sneak peak of your apartment, now I want to see the rest :-) Also, you will have to fill me in some more about the DFI tomorrow!

  4. Beth

    @Emma… I’ll bring the DFI… It’ll be Super Bowl Sunday, Beyonce and DFIing….!!

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