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3 Quick Skincare Tips for those Swimmers…..

Most Sunday evenings during the Fall and Winter…I’m at the pool on Sunday nights. Its one of my favorite places to be!

However, often times after the swim session my skin can feel pretty dry.  This is not uncommon because the Chlorine in the water can strip away important oils and messes with a layer of our skin called the Acid Mantle . (Check out that quick read on why the Acid Mantle is so important)

I thought I would share 3 quick skincare tips for all those swimmers out there!

1) Don’t skip that pre-swim rinse!

By taking that quick shower before you jump in the pool…you are helping to re-hydrate the top layer of your skin. Which means it’s less likely to drink up that chlorinated water.

2) Wash your pretty Face with lukewarm water right after you get out! 

This is super importante! Why? Because if you jump right into a HOT shower…. you are opening up your pores and any chlorine left on your face… gets to seep right in!! Which is Not where we want it to go. If you can’t stand a cool or lukewarm shower; wash your face before you get in and wash up. And make sure you use a gentle cleanser. I recommend Apriori’s Creme Cleanse because it actually protects the Acid Mantle portion of your skin. Save your exfoliating face washes for another time.

3) Apply that moisturizer real quick.

Once you’ve washed your face in lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser, make sure you put your moisturizer on. You might need an extra amount or may have to reapply later on as your skin soaks it up. If you skin tolerates it… coconut oil is another great option to use as well!


Chlorine can do quite the number on your skin but by consistently using these quick tips… you can do your skin a huge favor in taking good care of it.





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Skincare In A Flash….. It’s not your Typical Toner….

This week’s Skincare In A Flash is all about Apriori’s Activating Tonic… which is not anything like your typical toner. 

What is it:  The Activating Tonic is a cooling “splash” that is used after you have cleansed your face.

Benefits: It removes the last traces of impurities and has antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It also protects your skin’s natural acid mantle (See: Acid Mantle )

Toner vs Activating Tonic: Your typical toner is designed to close pores (to reduce their appearance), the Activating Tonic on the other hand is specifically designed to open your pores so they can readily absorb the ingredients of the next product used (like your Day Defense Moisturizer or Precision Skin Rejuvenator).

Other cool info: 

  • It contains a mushroom extract which helps your skin absorb and hold on to moisture.
  • Since it helps your skin absorb more of your moisturizers and serums …. you can effectively use less of those products and still have optimal results (which means you’re saving moola by not using an excessive amount of the product each day)

Check out the FAQ section on the product page for additional information

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