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Make mine a Serum and Tonic….

For all of February Apriori Beauty is offering a special on one of my favorite skincare products sets.

This is a quick post on what it  includes; the Firming Complex Serum and the Activating Tonic. Two products that I personally use everyday.

The Firming Complex is a lightweight, yet super powerful serum that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Activating Tonic is this amazing skincare product that contains a mushroom extract that helps the skin retain moisture and improves the absorption of the Firming Complex. It also has anti-inflammatory and skin conditioning properties. You can check a short post I did here: Activating Tonic

As a quick guide to using this skincare set: 

1) First cleanse your face.

2) Apply a small amount of Activating Tonic while your skin is still slightly wet (this actually allows that little mushroom extract to do its job).

3) Apply 1-2 small pumps of the Firming Complex to your face and bring any leftover product down to your neck.

For more information on each products and their amazing skincare benefits you can check them out on the Apriori Website: Firming Complex and Activating Tonic 

To access the special; register as a client (which is free!) and order the special set here: Activate +Firm Set #260

Firming Complex Set

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Skincare In A Flash….. It’s not your Typical Toner….

This week’s Skincare In A Flash is all about Apriori’s Activating Tonic… which is not anything like your typical toner. 

What is it:  The Activating Tonic is a cooling “splash” that is used after you have cleansed your face.

Benefits: It removes the last traces of impurities and has antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It also protects your skin’s natural acid mantle (See: Acid Mantle )

Toner vs Activating Tonic: Your typical toner is designed to close pores (to reduce their appearance), the Activating Tonic on the other hand is specifically designed to open your pores so they can readily absorb the ingredients of the next product used (like your Day Defense Moisturizer or Precision Skin Rejuvenator).

Other cool info: 

  • It contains a mushroom extract which helps your skin absorb and hold on to moisture.
  • Since it helps your skin absorb more of your moisturizers and serums …. you can effectively use less of those products and still have optimal results (which means you’re saving moola by not using an excessive amount of the product each day)

Check out the FAQ section on the product page for additional information

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