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Adding Beauty… Crocheted Crap….

Except it’s TOTALLY NOT crap… It’s actually beautiful handmade work by Jayleen Hayden!

This week’s Adding Beauty post is featuring Crocheted Crap which can be found at Crocheted Crap

Jayleen’s work is beautiful and to allow you to get to know the artist behind these exquisite pieces of work I asked her a couple of questions. Our mini-interview follows:

So Jayleen how did you get into crocheting? 

Well, I think it was a number of things that led up to it, but the catalyst was my utter frustration with fashion trends. My style is never in season (think Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelley, with never-ending Victorian and Celtic influences), and nobody ever wants to make anything in the colors that I’m willing to wear in public (please don’t ever make me wear mustard-colored anything… I look like a corpse). All I wanted was a jewel-toned scarf that was well made and wouldn’t fall apart in a few weeks. You would have thought I was searching for the Holy Grail. So, my ‘logic’ immediately dictated that I make my own scarf in whatever style and color I choose. The problem? I was absolutely craft-challenged. Somehow, I came to the conclusion that crocheting was easier than knitting or sewing. It was probably a year and a half ago that I went to the store and picked up a starter kit for $10. It wasn’t until after my hooking addiction was well under way that I remembered one of my grandmothers teaching me to crochet a teeny bit when I was around six or so. That is most definitely not like riding a bike – I remembered nothing aside from how shiny metal crochet hooks are. Later on down the line, I learned that it really just runs in the blood. My great grandmother was a seamstress, knitter, crocheter, and tatter – essentially my needle art heroin. So, I’m pretty sure this is a channeled obsession talent.


Where do you find your inspirations from?

Everywhere. I love lacy, ornate, and intricate designs that reflect anything Victorian, Edwardian, or Celtic. If it’s old, traditional, and resembles filigree, chances are it’s right up my alley. Inspirations for my designs that are currently queued up are from an iron door on a mausoleum, a handmade silver necklace, and a scene from the movie Aeon Flux – I’m a hopeless nerd.


Model: Tiffany www.firerabbitdesign.com Photographer: Susan Mullen www.susanmullenphotography.com

How do you feel about ice cream sandwiches?

They’re glorious. And, quite frankly, I might find it hard to trust anybody who doesn’t love them. Though, I do prefer the kind with the chocolate chip cookie/cake thing – not as sticky on the teeth!




Anything in particular you would like your customers to know about your items? Do you do special orders? 

I actually prefer special orders! I love to have an idea of what my customers are looking for, and then let my creativity kick in. Give me a basic idea, a picture of who the item is for, and a color. That’s all I need to go crazy. I’d rather spend time making something with a particular person in mind where the chance that they’ll love it is greater. I kind of turn it into a personal challenge.

I’m also putting together some crochet classes in the Greater Portland area – so if you want on the list, let me know!


 Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber?

JT for eye candy – I was a hardcore ‘Nsync stalker. However, both JT and the Biebs are fantastic for car dancing.

Model: Jayleen Photographer: Susan Mullen www.susanmullenphotography.com


Any other special talents we should know about…. say like playing the piano or owning another business in addition to Crocheted Crap?

I don’t know about talents, but I do play the piano. I’m classically trained and have played for approximately twenty years. And I do have another business called Holistically Yours that fronts my Reiki practice, writing ventures, and Reiki-infused crocheted items. That website is currently being built, but if you’d like to check out what I have going on there you can follow me on Facebook to catch all of the updates! https://www.facebook.com/holisticallyyours.net

And last but not least….Crocheted Crap – what’s with the name? Seems like false advertising…. 

When I first started to teach myself a year and a half ago, everything I made was crap. I started to upload pictures of this junk on Facebook and labeled the album Crocheted Crap. After a few people convinced me to open a shop on Etsy I struggled with the name for days. I didn’t want a name that sounded like I sold your grandmother’s doilies. So I asked Facebook-land if I should name my shop Crocheted Crap. The very first response I received was “Uhhh…. Why on Earth would you do that!?” My response: Bam. Crocheted Crap it is.


So there you have it… Crocheted Crap that is actually exquisite! Make sure to check out Jayleen’s Facebook page! And of course Crocheted Crap on Etsy.


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Adding Beauty…. Something Smells Reallllly Good!


This week’s post is all about one of my favorite things… Candles! I LOVE them… and I especially love great smelling candles!!!

This past summer I was given a gift from a client and that gift happened to be a soy candle from Seawicks Candle Company here in Maine. It was called Salt Water Farm and I absolutely fell in love with it! And not just because the candle smelled so delightful but it was soy, had super cute packaging and it was a locally made product. It was like a Win, Win, Win situation when it comes to my love of candles!


A little bit about Seawicks Candles… in case you’re looking for something to light up your life:

  • They’re made with pure 100% Soy. Check out why this makes a difference here: Why Soy Candles
  • Biodegradable & Free From Pesticides & Herbicides
  • They support Coastal Conservation
  • They’re hand poured in the USA
  • And they’re just lovely ( I added that part in on my own accord)

If you’re looking for a unique holiday gift or a hostess gift or a “I’m a very special person in my own right” gift to yourself… then I would highly recommend checking out Seawicks Candle Company.

The candles can be found at: www.seawicks.com and on the Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/Seawicks.Candle.Company


            *** Note all photos have been used with direct permission from Seawicks Candle Company****

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Adding Beauty…. Dollah Dollah Bills


One area of adding beauty to my life is within the realm of money. It’s a topic I find very interesting because there seems to always be something more to learn. Whether it be how to “handle” your money, or grow your bank account or eliminate debt… there are all sorts of variables to discover about your cash.

If you’re someone who is interested in money, or if you’re someone who likes to pretend you don’t understand anything about it… a good way to expand your knowledge is with the book; Prince Charming Isn’t Coming by Barbara Stanny. When I first came across the book I thought it looked like a depressing title. I assumed that it was going to wipe out any notion that some day my Prince Charming was going to show up.  Funny thing is- it put a new spin on what I should expect of Prince Charming AND of myself when we finally meet.

The author makes a fantastic point that you’re Prince is most likely going to arrive but what if your fairy tale doesn’t end up exactly like you anticipate?  What if P.C. shows up and then leaves, what if he shows up and then dies, WHAT IF the Artist formerly known as Prince Charming shows up… and he’s broke as a joke! What are you going to do in any of these situations???  Barbara Stanny makes the point that no matter what version of your hunny bunny pulls up on his white horse..you need to be financially prepared. She wasn’t… and you can read about what happened to her when things fell apart and how she recovered.

This book in no way bashes men, or makes you think you’re going to end up an old spinster- it just has a lot of solid points on how women can “get smart” about money.

It’s a great read and I would highly recommend it if you need a little push to add some beauty to your finances.


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