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Lookin Good Girl’s Christmas playlist……

At this point in the game I’m most likely to turn down the radio if I hear Frosty the Snowman or Jingle Bell Rock. I have absolutely nothing against these eternal Holiday favorites… but with only 1 day to go before Christmas I’ve already heard them 5,000 times.

So I picked out some of my Christmas favs and created this Playlist as an alternative. It’s as about as eclectic as you can get…Kinda like my general taste in music.


Merry Christmas from Lookin Good Girl.

Merry Christmas from Lookin Good Girl.

Father Christmas- The Kinks


Let The Kinks counteract all those sweet holiday sweets with lyrics like; “Father Christmas, give us some money….Don’t mess around with those silly toys”

Merry Christmas Baby- Otis Redding


Mah favorite version of this song everrrrrrrrr. EVER.

Soulful Christmas- James Brown


James Brown loves ya…so get up off that couch and do a little dance for St. Nick.

Low- Just Like Christmas


One of my Christmas Indie picks.

Winter Wonderland- Scott Weiland


I just find the idea of Scott Weiland doing a Christmas album to be very intriguing!

Christmas Time Is Here Again- My Morning Jacket


A mellow Christmas Tune.

Merry Christmas Everybody- Slade 


Santa loves Slade.

Christmas in Hollis- RUN DMC


And my favorite Christmas song of all time! Check it.

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