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The Quick Guide to removing Halloween Make-up

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! This is one of my favorite holidays and I hope everyone has a safe and fun time tonight trick or treating! If you’re planning on dressing up and putting on some Halloween Make-up check out these super quick tips for removing it later on after you get home.

1. This probably seems obvious…but I’m gonna say it anyway… YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR HALLOWEEN MAKE-UP OFF… do not go to bed with it on. Otherwise, let’s just plan next week on seeing the coming attraction called “Zit Pit City”….starring the girl who slept in her costume make-up. Your skin needs to be able to breathe and recover from your take on being a Walking Dead Zombie.

2. When it’s time to retire for the night… try taking off most of the make-up with a gentle cleanser and warm water. This will probably not get everything off…but you want to start here and then move on to an oil-based product.  Grab your coconut oil or another oil based cleanser and start applying a little bit at a time to get things moving. You might need a soft wash cloth or hand towel to remove everything.

3. Whatever you do… DO NOT scrub your face as if you need the process done in 20 seconds. It probably took a while to put the makeup on… so give it a while to come off. Be gentle with your skin.

4. If you have a Night Cream you love…make sure to apply it to help with the recovery process! If you don’t, make sure you do use some sort of moisturizer that will be nourishing to your skin.

5. Plan on giving your skin some extra TLC tomorrow and the next day. It might be a little dry or irritated and it would be the perfect time for a DIY Facial.


Quick Tips for Halloween Make-up

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Skincare….. Summer Skin Routine

So now that we’re officially into the heart of summer there’s a possibility that your skin is responding differently to the warmer weather.

Higher temperatures, higher humidity, increased time out in the lovely sunshine… your skin might be in need of a different routine from 3 or 4 months ago.

Quick Tips for summer skincare: 

  • Add some Rose Water into your daily routine and keep it in the fridge for a refreshing splash after you’ve been out in the sun! Rose water has anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties plus it smells amazing! (I spray it in my hair too!)
  • Turn down the heat in the shower! Just like during the cold winter months… hot water can continue to dry out your skin in the summertime.
  • Up your water intake to stay hydrated! Dehydration does contribute to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so keep on drinking that H2O.
  • If need be, reduce the amount of moisturizer you’re using. You may have to play around with this one to find the right amount… but if you’re skin is not as dry in the summer or your skin is appearing more oily…. try lightening up on how much product you’re using.
  • Keep up with Exfoliation…. if you’re out in the sun “glistening” more (ie. sweating) or slathering on sun screen… remember to exfoliate to keep your pores free of gunky build up.

Apriori's Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub is an awesome way to get a full body exfoliation.


While you’re laying out by the pool, or sitting by the surf or taking a cruise down Crocodile Mile… think about what your skin might be needing with the warmer weather. And as always if you’re in need of some personalized, individual insight… you can email me at eastcoast.beauty at hotmail.com or message me on the Lookin Good Girl Facebook page…. just scroll down on the right hand side of our home page and click “Like” on the Facebook tab.





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Skincare…. Apriori’s Right Now Retailer for May

So is this is pretty fun and exciting…. I was chosen by Apriori to be featured as this month’s Right Now Retailer.

I really do love this company and to be recognized for my business building efforts is something I’m proud of.

A huge (HUGE) thank you to all of my clients because without you… I wouldn’t have been considered. I very much appreciate your business and wholeheartedly want to help you with all of your skincare needs! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

If you want to check out the article… click on the link below

May Right Now Retailer  – this link takes you to Apriori’s website where you can see the write up. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page once you land there.

Happy MAY!




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