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Skincare in a Flash….Nurdles

A post to provide you information in a quickly absorbed manner. Kind of like flashcards for skincare.

This week it’s all about the Nurdles, baby! They’re probably something you’ve never heard of but may have used on many occasions!

What are they: “Nurdles are the tiny bits of plastic that are melted down and used in the production of plastic bags, bubble wrap, packaging and wrapping material. They can be responsible for the sickness and death of fish and birds when they are mistaken for food” – EPA.gov 

What does this have to do with skincare: Nurdles are also found in beauty products (face scrubs, body washes) and usually come with the unassuming, non-threatening title of “gentle microbeads”.

Coming Attraction: Look for next week’s post featuring a special guest who knows first hand why Nurdles should be making a mass exodus from your skincare regiment.

Nurdle-Free Alternatives by Apriori Beauty: Celloxylin® Cellular Age Advantage Body Cleanse & Lotion & the Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub


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Skincare….. Ma’am, put your hands in the air & step away from the Apricot Scrub

Apricot Pit

It’s probably safe to say that at some point in your life you have used an Apricot Scrub or something like it. It’s a pretty common skincare item to find at stores and is touted as a great exfoliant!.

However, the nature of the crushed apricot pits (which is a mechanical exfoliant)  tend to have  jagged and rough edges. With long term use they can actually create microscropic cuts in your skin.

What results from these microscope tears and cuts ?!!!? ….. Irritation, aggravation and an open invitation to bacteria…. and  this is not what you want for your beautiful face!!!

For a short while after using the apricot scrub your skin will probably feel great and look fresh but if you’re over zealous with your scrubbing- it may not even take a long time to start doing damage to your skin.

And wait! Because we can’t just put apricots on the no-fly list for facial scrubs- it’s any stone fruit such as almonds, peaches and cherries. These amazing little guys have some wonderful qualities but if their pits or shells are being used as the mechanical exfoliant in your face scrub….. there’s a solid chance you’re going to do more harm than good. Oh, and look out for walnuts too! Crushed walnut shells are sometimes added into scrubs and they can do just as much damage.

If you have an Apricot Scrub at home – don’t immediately douse it with holy water and then toss it in the trash.  Just use it on a different part of you body where the skin is not so delicate or sensitive to harsh ingredients. Use it for your feet or on your elbows where the skin is much thicker. Waste not, want not, right?!? For your face though I recommend a sugar scrub where the mechanical exfoliant will be gentler and can be dissolved.

If you need help or more suggestions on what to replace your Apricot Scrub with leave a comment below or email me directly at eastcoast.beauty at hotmail.com (avoiding spam with this way of typing my email addy)

And as a gentle reminder:  more is not always better when exfoliating your skin and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS on any product you’re using !


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