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Skincare In A Flash…… Face Serums

A post to provide you information in a quickly absorbed manner. Kind of like flashcards for skincare.

So what’s a face serum?

  • A serum is a liquid that is often intended to target a specific skincare problem (ie. wrinkles, age spots, acne) or can be used to help improve the skin’s overall appearance.
  • Serums are formulated differently than moisturizers in that they are able (or should be able) to penetrate all 3 layers of the skin. This is due to the nature of the formulations which contain smaller molecules than typical moisturizers.
  • Serums are typically packed with a higher concentration of nutrients, vitamins or active ingredients intended to target specific problems (like those wrinkles, age spots, and acne).

Serums can be a great addition to your skincare regiment but make sure to ask your trusted skincare professional on how to maximize their benefits before adding them into the mix.

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Hey Don’t Forget About Us!!!!

Yesterday evening while I was going through my nightly beauty routine I realized I had extra Firming Complex left over from applying it to my face. At the same time that awesome song by Simple Minds; Don’t You Forget About Me popped into my head.  I then started applying the extra Firming Complex to the back of my hands. Now, it’s not unusual for song lyrics to pop into my head… this happens on a pretty regular basis… but this time.. it made me stop and think “Hey, I should write about this!”

Any time you have left over products for your face- stop and think about what other areas could benefit from a little TLC. Maybe it’s your neck or your chest or like the other night I put highly concentrated nutrients on the back of my hands. The neck, chest, shoulders, arms and hands are all areas that benefit from skincare products. These areas are often missed in our daily skincare regiment but can be some of the first places you start to see signs of aging and sun damage!

If you’re taking care of your beautiful face and have some left over serum or moisturizer… go ahead and use it up! Anywhere you might be showing some skin in your favorite party dress or go-to warm weather top- think about spreading the love and your skincare routine to that area.






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