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Cleaning Your Make-up Brushes….

Although at first glance you might wonder what Make-Up Brushes have to do with Skincare….. let me explain.

What happens if you never (ever) wash your make-up brushes??

Tiny bits of dirt, oil, make-up, dead skin cells and sometimes bacteria can get trapped in the bristles. Which means as your applying your favorite NARS blush, you’re sweeping a lovely combination of all these things across your skin. If it’s been six months since you washed your brushes (or NEVER), you’re sweeping six months worth of old junky, yucky particles across your beautiful face. Which is a great way to promote breakouts and clogged pores! (That’s where the skincare piece comes in…..)

Hey, Beth… I love that blush you have on! What is it?”

Oh, thanks!!….it’s called “Breakout City” a unique blend of oil, bacteria and 12 months worth of make-up pigment from my other blushes“.

I’ve seen recommendations to clean your brushes every two weeks up to once a month. I go with at least once a month because every two weeks seems like an overwhelming commitment I’m not ready for. I mean I’ve talked about this with a professional and I decided that I’m just not ready for that level of commitment..and that’s where I am today in my Life. I’m okay with washing my brushes once a month and my the brushes will be okay. I’m okay, they’re okay….. everything will be okay with a little make-up brush tubby once every 30 days.

You do what’s right for you…. but just make sure you do it! Set a reminder on your phone, write it on the calendar, put a note in your make-up bag….. It’s just important to actually be doing it on a regular basis.

So….. the next question might be… “How do I clean the brushes?”.

Here are 5 easy steps to taking caring for your brushes. 

You can buy make-up brush cleaner or you can take baby shampoo or a very gentle regular shampoo and get the job done.

Step 1: Take a very small amount of the shampoo and mix it in with warm water

Step 2: Pointing the brushes down dip the bristles into the soapy water. It’s important to keep the bristles pointed down so that water doesn’t get into the part where they connect with the handle (this can loosen the glue that holds the pieces together orrrrr create a place for bacteria to grow).

Step 3: Gently (GENTLY) rub the bristles in the soapy water … you’ll see the old make-up coming out and will change the color of the water.

Step 4: Pointing the brush down… let water run over the brushes until the water becomes clear. You may need to repeat step 3 but just do so until the water runs clear after it has gone through the bristles.

Step 5: Lightly pat down the brush with a paper towel or cloth and lay flat to dry.


I prefer doing this at night so they brushes have a longer time to dry but that’s just me. **Side note**… They don’t have to be completely dry to use them again.

As you see below, these are my actual brushes and I use them on an everyday basis… I personally love my Aveda brushes (from when I went to Beauty School!!!) and my Bobbi Brown ones.

Make Up Brushes


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