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Skincare In A Flash….Sebum

A post to provide you information in a quickly absorbed manner. Kind of like flashcards for skincare.


What is it? In very (very) simple terms… it’s an oil produced by our sebaceous glands.

What does it do? In simple terms it helps protect our skin and hair from drying out. It also has a “waterproof” quality to it.

Under and Over…. 

If there is not enough sebum being produced in your body.. the skin will be dry.

If there is too much sebum production … this results in what we’d call “oily skin”.

Sebum is produced by the Sebaceous glands...


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Skincare In A Flash…. Chilled Eye Cream

This week’s Skincare In A Flash… is a quick reminder about your Eye + Lip Eraser and helping with allergy relief.

In addition to all of the wonderful benefits of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.. Apriori’s Eye Cream also helps reduce under eye puffiness that you might experience with seasonal allergies. Your eyes might be swollen from either rubbing them or all of the beautiful blooms cranking out pollen- whatever the cause might be make sure to keep on using your Eye Cream.

And as an extra treat… you can put it in the Fridge.. chill it… and then apply. The cooling sensation is a wonderful way to pamper your peepers. You’re getting the benefits of the amazing anti-puff ingredients at a soothing temperature.  Win-Win!




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Skincare In A Flash….. It’s not your Typical Toner….

This week’s Skincare In A Flash is all about Apriori’s Activating Tonic… which is not anything like your typical toner. 

What is it:  The Activating Tonic is a cooling “splash” that is used after you have cleansed your face.

Benefits: It removes the last traces of impurities and has antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It also protects your skin’s natural acid mantle (See: Acid Mantle )

Toner vs Activating Tonic: Your typical toner is designed to close pores (to reduce their appearance), the Activating Tonic on the other hand is specifically designed to open your pores so they can readily absorb the ingredients of the next product used (like your Day Defense Moisturizer or Precision Skin Rejuvenator).

Other cool info: 

  • It contains a mushroom extract which helps your skin absorb and hold on to moisture.
  • Since it helps your skin absorb more of your moisturizers and serums …. you can effectively use less of those products and still have optimal results (which means you’re saving moola by not using an excessive amount of the product each day)

Check out the FAQ section on the product page for additional information

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