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Oh Instagram…Why you gotta be like that….

So if you’re on Instagram… they have decided to switch up how your picture feed comes through. I’m not exactly sure of the specifics…but the images are no longer presented in chronological order. From what I’ve read- Instagram will now “choose” what pictures you see based on how many likes a page or a picture has. That’s awesome for Kim K but for the little IGer’s out there… it probably means you won’t see our posts.


There is a solution.

You can follow the easy steps outlined in the picture below:

Go to the 3 little dots on the @LookinGoodGirl44 page and click on them! Next, when the choices pop up at the bottom…. click on “Turn on Notifications!”

It’s as easy as that! And if anything… do it for Ryan! He wants you to be adding Beauty into your Everyday Life too.

Turn on Instagram Notifications - Lookin Good Girl @lookingoodgirl44


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Where can you find Lookin’ Good Girl??

Are you on Facebook or Instagram?? If so.. come follow Lookin’ Good Girl! There’s a Facebook page: Lookin’ Good Girl FB (make sure to “Like” the page and few of the posts so you’ll see it in your newsfeed) and an Instagram Account: @LookinGoodGirl44.

You can get daily doses of all things related to Beauty, Skincare, Makeup and updates on all special sales events with Apriori Beauty.


Lookin' Good Girl Love

Lookin’ Good Girl on the World Wide Web

@lookingoodgirl44 on the Instagram

One of my daily makeup and skincare routines #lookingoodgirl

Lookin' Girl on Facebook Oh heyyyyyyy! It's me!! Daily and monthly specials from Apriori Beauty... posted via Social Media

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June 11…. Join Apriori Beauty for Free…….

If you’ve been considering joining Apriori Beauty as a new consultant… today would definitely be the day!

All day June 11th….. Apriori is offering free registration for all new consultants.

As an Apriori Beauty consultant you can build your own business to create extra or part time income sharing products you already love.

To learn more check out: Apriori Beauty Business


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Old Man Winter and your skin

Here in the Northeast we are in full swing of cold temperatures and windy days. Mix the two and you have a lovely combination to create windburned, dried out skin that makes you wish warmer days were just around the corner. You add in sitting by a warm fire or cranking up the thermostat and you’re fending off flaky, dry skin from every which direction.

However, even if you don’t live in the Northeast, this time of year can still lend itself to drier skin that needs some extra attention.

If your skin looks and feels like its freaking out because of the colder temps and dryer elements; here a couple of things you can do to show it some love.

1. Moisturize more. Sounds ultra simple but you might not have changed your skincare routine from what you do in the Summer or even the Fall. If your skin is drying out… use extra moisturizer either in the morning or at night. Or try a heavier moisturizer until Spring time.

2. Add some Jojoba Oil into the mix. Jojoba (pronounced ho-HO-ba)  is an oil that most closely mimics our body’s natural oils.  Your favorite moisturizer + 5-6 drops of jojoba oil = Super Moisturizer! The oil helps reduce flakiness and is okay to use even if you have oily skin.

3. Jump out of the shower and slather on your favorite lotion. Right when you get out of the tub, lightly towel off and start putting your moisturizers/lotions on. At this time your skin is primed to receive moisture.

4. Don’t forget to exfoliate! Exfoliating helps remove dead skincells and encourage new, fresh cells to emerge. These fresh cells are much more receptive to absorbing moisturizers and lotions. Apriori’s Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub is an excellent exfoliant that can be used on your face and your body. Check it out here: Enzyme Activated Micro Scrub

And of course if you need additional skincare support for your beautiful face you can reach me at eastcoast.beauty at hotmail.com for a individualized skincare consult.

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Cleaning Your Make-up Brushes….

Although at first glance you might wonder what Make-Up Brushes have to do with Skincare….. let me explain.

What happens if you never (ever) wash your make-up brushes??

Tiny bits of dirt, oil, make-up, dead skin cells and sometimes bacteria can get trapped in the bristles. Which means as your applying your favorite NARS blush, you’re sweeping a lovely combination of all these things across your skin. If it’s been six months since you washed your brushes (or NEVER), you’re sweeping six months worth of old junky, yucky particles across your beautiful face. Which is a great way to promote breakouts and clogged pores! (That’s where the skincare piece comes in…..)

Hey, Beth… I love that blush you have on! What is it?”

Oh, thanks!!….it’s called “Breakout City” a unique blend of oil, bacteria and 12 months worth of make-up pigment from my other blushes“.

I’ve seen recommendations to clean your brushes every two weeks up to once a month. I go with at least once a month because every two weeks seems like an overwhelming commitment I’m not ready for. I mean I’ve talked about this with a professional and I decided that I’m just not ready for that level of commitment..and that’s where I am today in my Life. I’m okay with washing my brushes once a month and my the brushes will be okay. I’m okay, they’re okay….. everything will be okay with a little make-up brush tubby once every 30 days.

You do what’s right for you…. but just make sure you do it! Set a reminder on your phone, write it on the calendar, put a note in your make-up bag….. It’s just important to actually be doing it on a regular basis.

So….. the next question might be… “How do I clean the brushes?”.

Here are 5 easy steps to taking caring for your brushes. 

You can buy make-up brush cleaner or you can take baby shampoo or a very gentle regular shampoo and get the job done.

Step 1: Take a very small amount of the shampoo and mix it in with warm water

Step 2: Pointing the brushes down dip the bristles into the soapy water. It’s important to keep the bristles pointed down so that water doesn’t get into the part where they connect with the handle (this can loosen the glue that holds the pieces together orrrrr create a place for bacteria to grow).

Step 3: Gently (GENTLY) rub the bristles in the soapy water … you’ll see the old make-up coming out and will change the color of the water.

Step 4: Pointing the brush down… let water run over the brushes until the water becomes clear. You may need to repeat step 3 but just do so until the water runs clear after it has gone through the bristles.

Step 5: Lightly pat down the brush with a paper towel or cloth and lay flat to dry.


I prefer doing this at night so they brushes have a longer time to dry but that’s just me. **Side note**… They don’t have to be completely dry to use them again.

As you see below, these are my actual brushes and I use them on an everyday basis… I personally love my Aveda brushes (from when I went to Beauty School!!!) and my Bobbi Brown ones.

Make Up Brushes


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Try It Out……

Hey All!

Just a quick reminder in case you haven’t cruised around all of the pages on Lookin Good Girl…. you have the special opportunity to receive a 3 day sample set of Apriori’s skincare line! This is outlined on The Products Page.

All you have to do is register to receive Apriori’s once a month email on product specials and First Friday Sales. Sign Up Here!

Benefits of signing up:

  • Gain direct access to the monthly specials and 1 Day Events…. which means you can get your favorite products on sale!
  • It’s FREE!!!
  • Apriori does an amazing job of NOT filling your in-box with emails – just one a month with the details of the special or an email when we have a special promotion for a limited time.
  • By signing up you’ll receive excellent customer service with Apriori and you can e-mail me directly anytime with your skincare questions!

Once you are registered I will send a follow up email with 3 quick skincare questions so I know which products to recommend for you unique needs.

PLEASE be on the look out for an email from eastcoast.beauty at hotmail.com within 2-3 days of when you register. Make sure to even check your “spam” email section.. just in case. And  if you haven’t heard from me.. then by all means- EMAIL me!! I do my best to stay current with sending out samples but as we all know life can get super busy!

I love sharing Apriori and I would love for you to try these products on your beautiful face!

Photo Credit: Apriori Beauty LLC


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Skincare In A Flash……… DFI Functions

A post to provide you information in a quickly absorbed manner. Kind of like flashcards for skincare.

This is a quick post taken from the Apriori website regarding the two functions of the Derma Firm Illuminator.

The Derma Firm Illuminator utilizes four advanced anti-aging technologies — Ultrasound Wave, Galvanic Ion, Far Infrared Light, and Micro Massage — to visibly improve skin’s appearance.

During the Spot treatment cycles, galvanic ion and ultrasound wave therapy help stimulate cleansing and healthy skin cell turnover to help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, age spots, and blemishes. You will experience a gentle vibration and feel a warming of the skin

During the Wrinkle treatment cycles, far infrared light and micro massage work to address fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen and elastin synthesis, increasing cellular metabolism, and improving muscle tone. You will feel a more intense vibration from the micro massage, and the far infrared light will come on half way through each of the 3 cycles.”  (Source: Apriori Beauty Science Center Article Archive, April 2012)



The DermaFirm Illuminator

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Skincare… Like Sands Through The Hour Glass…..

So Are The Days to Be Taking CARE OF YOUR SKIN, Girl.

This week’s post is short and to the point.

I just started taking care of my skin at 35 and now at 37 I look fantastic!


Taking care of your skin at an early age and protecting it from the sun WILL payoff when you start reaching the ages of 30 and beyond.

There is only a certain amount of time you have to take care of your beautiful face as your birthdays fly by!

From  age 18 to 30: 4,380 days to cleanse, moisturize and protect from the sun

From age 21 to 30: 3,285 days to cleanse, moisturize and protect from the sun

From age 25 to 30:  1,825 days to cleanse, moisturize and protect from the sun (Old man time is gunning for you 25 year olds…..)

From age 27 to 30: 1,095 days to cleanse, moisturize and protect from the sun

From age 29 to 30: 365 days to cleanse, moisturize and protect from the sun.


If you’ve missed the Prevention boat in your late teens and early twenties … it’s NEVER to late to start a solid skincare regiment with good products. You will ALWAYS (always) benefit from a solid skincare routine- even if you’re now needing to go into recovery mode.

If you need suggestions or recommendations on how to get started~ I would love to help! Email me at eastcoast.beauty at hotmail dot com.


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Skincare….. You Can’t Touch This (as in leave your Zit alone)

(He doesn’t think you should pick your zits either…. just sayin’)


Okay so the title says to leave your zit alone but….This week’s post is about the best possible way to do something you really shouldn’t be doing… and that my dear friends is popping zits.

Disclaimer: I am not offering medical advice, nor encouraging or condoning picking or squeezing your breakouts-I would highly encourage you to leave it alone and spot treat the heck out of them. However, you know that old adage that says “Haters gonna hate and zit pickers gonna pick” well,… if you’re going to pick.. at least utilize some techniques that may reduce the likelihood that you’ll end up with a red spot or a bigger zit. (However, let it be known there is a good chance you’ll end up with either one OR both! So a heads up on that)

If you just have to pick at your face or if you really do have a habit  of popping zits here are some suggestions to doing it in slightly better, less trauma-drama way:

1) Work with a clean surface. If you have a zit that is filled with pus- you’re messing with an infection. It may be small, but nonetheless, the pus is a sign of an infection (See what I’d rather you not be picking!) and you want to make sure the surface around your breakout is clean. So wash your face before you do anything. Don’t try and squish it through your makeup or right after your 3 hour Elliptical workout at the gym… Wash your face first.

2) Warm shower or warm compress. You want your pores to be as open as possible so either apply a warm compress (ie. warm rag, warm cotton ball) to the target area or get out of the shower while your skin is still warm.

3) Apply a spot treatment and leave the zit alone. HA!….This is what I really would like you to do but I don’t think that’s what you’re here for.

3a) Take toilet paper or a tissue and wrap each of your pointer fingers in the paper. You don’t want your fingers directly touching your zit. When you press the pus out- it will be on the paper which means the bacteria will be on the paper and that’s where it needs to stay.

4) PRESS- don’t squish or squeeze or pop... gently press down around the zit with your toilet paper fingers. When you gently press instead of going into kill mode with squeezing… you’re  inflicting less trauma to your skin.

5) If the Zit is “ready” it will come out. If it’s not and nothing comes out -then guess what- leave it alone! Don’t keep pressing until blood or clear fluid comes out because that means you’ve taken it to far! And please – if a zit ever hurts – leave it alone from the start!

6) Clean up and Recovery. Make sure what came out is on the tissue or toilet paper and apply your favorite spot treatment. I personally have a detoxifying mask I use for spot treatments and it does a nice job of drying things up. You can also use tea tree oil or find a product with Benzoyl Peroxide that you already like using.

***If you have more than one zit to attend to- move the used tissue aside and start with a fresh part of it. You don’t want to be transferring bacteria and infection from one zit to another – or transfer it to another part of your face (where it can cause another breakout!)***

There is a chance that if you don’t take careful precautions when pressing down on the zit or if it’s really not ready to come out- the bacteria inside the follicle can travel to another nearby location under your skin. So just know you are running the risk of this happening by picking your face. But if you like to throw caution to the wind, and double down at the table all the time then have at it.

I hope this helps with your future zit-picking endeavors . I wish you Godspeed and little to no new breakouts!



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Skincare…. You had me at Derma Firm Illuminator

The Derma Firm Illuminator (or more easily pronounced as the DFI) is Apriori Beauty’s at home skincare machine. And what it does is make your skin (Derma) look firmer (Firm) and brighter (Illuminator)…. get it- the Derma…Firm…Illuminator. Or just go with DFI.

The reason why this little machine is so rad is because it combines four different technologies into one gadget that takes 10 minutes to use. I personally use mine at least 3 or 4 times a week while I’m watching Netflix, or reading a book or looking at the glow-in-the-dark stars on my bedroom ceiling. (Yes, I actually have those on my ceiling and yes they’re still very fun even at 29).

The DFI uses some of the same technologies that your Esthetician is using during  your facial treatments including Galvanic Ion therapy, Far Infrared, Vibration Therapy and Ultrasound Wave Therapy. For inquiring minds who want to know  what the big deal is about these four different technologies I’ll list a few highlights for you.

Galvanic Ion Therapy- without getting to0 technical  I’ll just share that this technology extracts impurities and pushes nutrients from the Precision Skin Rejuvenator deeper into the skin. Your Estheticain may have a Galvanic Machine in her treatment room or you can buy your own for several hundred dollars ( but it won’t have the other three therapies the DFI provides).

Far Infrared (FIR) – this may sound like a Cold War weapon referenced in Rocky 4 but in fact it’s a beneficial type of light that warms the skin, unclogging pores and increases blood flow that helps eleminate toxins. It also promotes the regeneration of skin tissue and increases blood flow to the skin.

Ultrasound Wave Therapy- this therapy generates sound waves which vibrate at about 5 million vibrations per second… which then raises the temprature of the skin. As a result, pores are opened so that impurites are removed and elastin and collagen production increase.

Vibration Therapy- this technology relaxes the facial muscles and activates the skin’s natural healing properties. Elastin and Collagen are also strengthened.

There are actually even more benefits to list for each of the four technologies and if you’re super interested in learning about all of them- contact me via email and I can send along a handout with more in-depth information.

As always I’m totally about you continuing to go see your trusted skincare professional for facials and facial treatments but if you’re only in her office once a month or every six weeks, the DFI is an awesome way to take excellent care of your skin on a weekly basis.



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