The Acid Mantle. FYI

Have you ever heard of such a thing… the Acid Mantle? It sounds kind of technical… even a little boring. But if you knew what the Acid Mantle did for you- it would be included on your Gratitude List, your Oscar acceptance speech and maybe even in your last will and testament. …..Okaayy~ that actually is a little dramatic BUT the Acid Mantle is still super important when it comes to skincare!

What is it? 

The Acid Mantle is a barrier on the surface of the skin created by sweat and sebum (oil) and has pH of about 4.5 to 6.2 (meaning its on the acidic side)

What does it do?

It protects your skin from bacteria and other microorganisms and prevents moisture loss.

Why should I care? 

Many harmful bacteria and chemicals that could enter our skin are slightly alkaline in nature (pH of 7+). The acidity of the Acid Mantle helps create an uninviting environment for these folks. If you’re an alkaline loving bacteria you’re not going to want to hang around in a place that’s not conducive to your style or pH level.

But…If you strip away the Acid Mantle with harsh soaps and harsh ingredients… you’re opening the door for bacteria to move right in (hello acne and irritation). With the Acid Mantle gone you can also give a warm welcome to dehydration….. which will make your skin appear dull and increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


(See why the Acid Mantle  is so important!?!?)


Love the Acid Mantle and it will Love you in return (as in won’t ruin your hot date on Saturday Night)

To ensure you’ re giving the Acid Mantle a fighting chance to do it’s thang- use a cleanser that is formulated to be pH correct for the skin. Apriori’s Cream Cleanse is specifically formulated to protect the Acid Mantel and won’t strip the skin of it’s natural and essential oils. If you use soap and your skin feels “squeaky clean” after you wash it you probably did a great job of removing dirt and makeup and removing your skin’s ability to fully protect itself.

In general check out if your products are formulated to work with the natural pH of the skin- your cleanser, your moisturizer- they all should be on board to help protect the Acid Mantle.


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