The Magic of Makeup……

I just got off the phone with one of the makeup artists at my local Bobbi Brown makeup counter. I go to see these Ladies pretty regularly I guess… enough so that after we finished talking about the upcoming makeup event… Brandy (the makeup artist) asked me how I had been and how I was liking my new apartment! It made me laugh because I seriously only know this sweet, sweet girl from getting my makeup done! And I guess they do always wave to me when I walk by the counter or they’ll ask how my mother is doing when I stop to look at new products. Whether or not it’s because I go see these Ladies on the regular or because they’re just genuinely nice people- her phone call got me thinking about last year when I went to get my make up done after a particularly bad day.

This picture was taken after Brandy did my makeup.


It was also after Brandy had listened to my story about how I had stayed up until around 2 am, had then woke up around 8 am and proceeded to cry for a solid 2 hours because I was heartbroken over a guy. (Ugh!.. glad that passed!). Anyway, Brandy did my makeup…. which you know, is a technical skill that she has learned, but what I don’t think she realized was that she helped me feel beautiful. I mean… I had been crying for hours, feeling 1000% defeated with my eyes puffy as all get out- but that all dissipated when I saw what she had done! It’s something I’ll never forget…. how could feeling beautiful instantly change my mood!?! I mean- that’s what it did. Brandy made me feel pretty – or I guess helped me feel pretty and there was this magic that came with it. When I looked at what she had done and then at this picture… I knew, without question or doubt, I was going to be okay.

For some people makeup is a nonfactor and that’s alright. I can get down with that philosophy- no problem!

But for me it can be magical. And I love it for that. I love makeup as simple as eyeliner and mascara to the kind of makeup that takes me 30 minutes to do. I see it as an outlet for creativity and artistry and way to create beauty in this world. And my favorite part about makeup is that when a woman is feeling beautiful (with however much makeup she has or does not have on)… she is a force to be reckoned with. That’s right, I personally think that when a woman feels beautiful she can draw upon confidence and strength that will help her do anything that she sets out to do for herself.

Do you need to have on makeup to draw upon this strength? No. Of course not. But for me…. makeup is magical. And I will be forever grateful to Brandy, at the Bobbi Brown counter, for helping me feel pretty powerful with some eyeliner, mascara and blush!


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